MECA 2015

What happens at MECA conferences?

MECA conferences provide participants a chance to network with peers, learn from each other’s experiences, see new vendor offerings, and, in general, receive outstanding professional development concerning instructional technology. Participants come from various backgrounds (K-12, Higher Ed, Business, etc.) and experience both hands-on sessions in labs and concurrent sessions in conference rooms. At the first MECA conference, there were four hands-on workshop labs provided by Apple, IBM PC, Radio Shack, and Commodore with 18 exhibitors and 500 participants. Last year we had over 24 hands-on sessions, over 70 exhibitors, and average 800+ participants.

Call for Proposals

With the implementation of Common Core and the many challenges educators are facing we can use all of the help we can find. MECA is a great place to gather and collaborate with other educators, but in order for MECA to happen we need you.

Many of you think you don't have anything to present, but if you ask your co-workers or tech department I bet they can point out several things you do in your classroom that others could benefit from. In appreciation for  your willingness to contribute, Lead Presenters receive complimentary conference registration.

MECA Mini-Grant